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Vintage Guitar: The TV Yellow Finish

This is page is devoted a photo documentary on my studies of the TV-Yellow finish for the purpose of recreating them. These pictures have been taken over a span of 10 years. This is by far not my whole collection just a few small samples to attempt show the variations. There are many rumors and speculations on how this finish came to be, but I really did not concern myself with all that here. I took more of a practical forensics perspective in researching the destruction of the finish allowing me to examine the various layers from the top coat to the wood. In the end what I have determined is that the TV-Yellow finish was NEVER Yellow like the current Gibson TV's. the original TV finish was more of an off white the same as the Fender Blonde, actually I use the same paint for both. The Yellow was as I suspected the tint of the aged Nitro clear coat.

These first 4 pictures show the moving target this finish is from white to butterscotch.





These next 2 pictures show a close up of the grain

The finish was a typical furniture finish for its day, as was the Fender Blonde. It is somewhat transparent white or limed wood. You can see the Mahogany grain bleeding through.



These next 2 pictures show my sample block I made next to some original TV finishes.

These next 2 pictures show my sample block I made next to some original TV finishes. On the picture on the right Notice the wide range of colors on this one from the white neck where all the clear has been warn off to the butterscotch close to the strap pin where the aged clear is still present

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