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Restoration: 63-Jazzmaster (Seafoam Green)

YIKES!! What a jacked up guitar. While on travel in Chicago I wondered into a guitar shop and saw this sorry thing hanging on the wall and could not resist for 2 reasons. The first was my desire to bring this guitar back from the dead appearance wise, and second to give me an opportunity to horse around with Jazzmaster pickups and a guitar to test my pickups.

  • Custom Pickups I patterned from this Jazzmaster:

    The Neck pickup is a Jazzmaster-HB

    It is cracking/checking nice

    Just painted

    This is the body after Fullerplast sprayed over the yellow. Notice the nails.

    As I recieved it. The finish on this was real nasty I think it might be creosote or something like that.
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