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Please contact me by email or phone (760.820.4434) to discuss your special project before you ship me a part or instrument. Even if you don't have a project in mind, I hope you enjoy looking through these pages at some of the incredible vintage instruments that have come my way.

Convert a Coronado pickup into a Goldfoil
Rework a lame anemic Coronado pickup in to a powerful Goldfoil style pickup

Stealth Firebird Pickup
Hide a Firebird pickup in a Soapbar P-90 form factor

Hagstrom Bi Sonic pickup repair
Open coil and missing a magnet

Repair a 50's Gibson Alnico V Staple pickup
Rework: Here I repair and dissect a 50's Gibson Alnico V Staple pickup New

Rework: Rework and examine some Reissue WRHB pickups for Lee Ranaldo

Rework: Rework and examine some Reissue WRHB pickups for Lee Ranaldo

Reworking another reissue Mosrite pickup back to vintage spec
Rework: Here I dissect another reissue Mosrite pickup

Repair: 1946 Lap Steel pickup

Reissue Wide Range Humbucker

Compare: a Vintage WRHB to a Reissue

Reworking an aftermarket Toaster style pickup back to vintage spec
Rework: Here I dissect an aftermarket side by side with a Vintage Rickenbacker Toaster Pickup

Reworking a reissue Mosrite pickup back to vintage spec
Rework: Here I dissect a reissue side by side with a Vintage Mosrite pickup

More Horsing around P45/90/180
Custom Pickup: P-90 with 3 taps

DeArmond Rowe
Repair: of old DeArmond Rowe paper bobbin pickup

Hotrod a DeArmond Turbo Jet
Custom: convert a new Turbo-Jet pickup into something much more useful

Horsing around
I came across some "Liquid Blue Nylon" Aluminum wire made in 1965

50's Teisco Lap Guitar
Custom: Make a custom pick for this beautiful Lap Steel.

Mod: a cheap pickup to sound like a PAF
Repair: A look inside a Cheap Humbucker

63 Strat Repair
Repair: Chris Duarte's dead 63 Start pickup.

3x3 Mini Humbucker
Pretty rare Gibson Mini Humbucker.

Rework: DeArmond 2000 Pickup
Try to make this thing sound Vintage

Hofner Bass
Repair: Hofner Beatle Bass.

Guild Aristocrat/Bluesbird P90
Repair: Guild Aristocrat/Bluesbird pickup.

Mandolin Modification
Mod: DeArmond Mandolin pickup.

Repair: Vintage Jazzbass pickup with a broken magnet

Bass XII
Custom: Custom one off Bass Humbucker XII

Rickenbacker Frying Pan
Repair: Pickup.

Mosrite/Carvin AP6

67 Tele Bridge
Repair: dead Tele pickup—the cause is very common with a Tele Bridge pickup.

Airline Blade
Very old blade style pickup.

1955 Kay
Very strange pickup design.

Another Kay
Another play thing for me.

Filtertron style pickup made to fit under a P-90 cover.


Repair/rewind: Gretsch (DeArmond) DynaSonic.

Stealth ES120

Stealth ES-120
Convert: 60's Gibson ES-120 to sound more like a Gibson of this era should without altering its vintage appearance.


Hum Canceled Strat pickup design cancels the hum but still gives that true single coil Strat sound.

Coronado Mod

Stealth Fender Coronado
Convert: a 60's Fender Coronado to not sound so anemic without altering its vintage appearance.


Strat Bridge
Pickup that is a morph of a Tele bridge/Strat pickup. It is designed to make the Bridge position on a Strat useful by giving it a Tele bite.


P90 with a coil tap option and P90 blade design.


P-90 For 8 string Lap Steel.

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