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"Curtis seems to have found that elusive magic that only Leo Fender had before him...these pickups each have their own distinct personality without straying from that true vintage vibe."   Read more from our customers...


p-90 pickupP-90
P-90® Replacement Pickup
Wound to vintage specs

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Electric XII / Replacement Pickup
An exact replica replacement pickup for the Fender® Electric XII, like the P-bass they are sold in pairs.

Add a Black, Cream cover set for $8


A replacement pickup for the Electric XII guitar Fender made from 1965 to 1969. I went to great pains to get the correct magnet length, bobbin material and such. Just like the original this pickup is lacquer potted. This was a fun project with likely not much return compared to what I have put into. For the bridge position I highly recommend my XII-Fat It balances well with the XII-V in the neck. Still sounds vintage with more body and less shrill.

XII-V pickup
XII-V pickup XII-V pickup

Note in both pictures below that my pickup is on the left and an original 1966 pickup is on the right.
XII-V pickup XII-V pickup
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