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The Hum Canceling Strat (HC-Strat)

This pickup is designed to fit in a standard Fender route it employees a true RWRP Hum Cancel. Unlike most other Strat style Hum Canceling pickups, this pickup still gives that true single coil sound.

The problem with most Hum Canceling pickups is they stack 2 opposing coils on top of each other Reversing the Winding direction, but since the 2 coils are stacked and wound around all the magnets they can not achieve Reverse Polarity.

I achieve this having 2 separate coils each with their own magnets this allows me to independently control both the Winding direction and the Polarity of each coil. Finally I mount them on a standard Strat bobbin so the pickup is sensing string vibration from a single point as a true single coil.

The coil on the left has a North orientation, while the coil on right has a South orientation

Everything is completely concealed under the pickup cover.

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