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Mod: Make a cheap aftermarket pickup useful

I was asked by a recording engineer in Nashville if I could convert a new Turbo-Jet pickup into something much more useful for a project they are working on. So here is what I cam up with.

I have 2 more of these available for modifications. The pickup + the modification is $90.00

Post repair notes

  • The steel rods and ceramic bar magnet is woefully inadequate. As per the customers request I fitted the pickup with high quality A3 rod magnets.
  • The pickups was wound with likely 43 or 44 awg wire giving the pickup rather high resistance, and combined with the ceramic magnets it was responsible for its thin anemic tone. Since there was plenty of space on the bobbin, I rewound it with 41 awg wire and filled the bobbin. Its resistance is around 5k now.
  • The pickup was potted in what appeared to be straight paraffin wax which has an effect on the tone. I only lightly sprayed the outer coil with Lacquer

As I received it, new in box


a look under the hood


A look at the bar magnets


Stripped of its unneeded parts


Pickup rewound and fitted with proper A3 Rod magnets.


Bottom, also notice the much larger coil

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