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Mod: Rework a cheap aftermarket Toaster copy pickup to vintage spec

Buyer beware when buying the cheap aftermarket Toaster looking pickups. It is made to resemble a Toaster but is NOT made by Rickenbacker, and it's innards and tone are NOTHING like the Rickenbacker pickup. Sadly like many other reissue pickups I have seen, it is made to LOOK like the original but is NOTHING like it on the inside. It is akin to putting antifreeze a Coke can and selling it as Coke!

Here is a pictorial of me dissecting the copy pickup side by side with the real deal, it concludes with me making a correct replacement pickup for the casing so it will sound AND look like the original.

Post repair summary notes

  • The major difference with the copy pickups are they are actually a mini humbucker with 2 ceramic barmagnets, instead of 1/4 inch rod magnets.

Here is the end result after my repair




Top is a vintage Rickenbacker Toaster, Bottom the aftermarket copy."


From here you can see there are the copy is sans 1/4 rod magnets.


Here they are disassembled once again notice the 1/4 rod magnets on top and the humbucker on the bottom..


Here is my replacement pickup and the humbucker removed.


My bobbins installed in the housing.


This model uses the flush bottom magnets.

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