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Mod: Rework an aftermarket Mosrite copy pickup to vintage spec

This is aftermarket is not a cheap a the previous rework Although there are a few hey differences that prevent this from sounding like it presents it self, a vintage Mosrite pickup. Oddly these pickups are not hard to make correctly.

Here is a pictorial of me dissecting and rebuilding it to vintage specs

I can do such rework for you as well for the cost of $130 per pickup.

Post repair notes

  • Resistance was only wound to 5k that is more than 1/2 what they should be!
  • Larger ceramic bar magnet likely to compensate for the low resistance.
  • The Bobbin shape is close to correct, but I am the plastic will not give the same response as the original wood
  • The pickup was potted in what appeared to be straight paraffin wax which has an effect on the tone. I can leave it unpotted or lacquer or wax pot it if you wish.

As I received the Reissues pickup


Dissected: Notice the larger ceramic magnets, and the bar which the pole pieces screw into


My new bobbins made exactly to a vintage Mosrite


New pickup wound


Placed in the cover


Shielding in place, and the correct nuts installed, I omitted the keeper bar


The only thing I am not completely pleased with is I have not been able to source the correct break off bar magnets, these are however AlNiCo.


Completed with the foam sheet base with the mount bar all epoxied together

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