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Repair: A very old Rowe pickup with a paper bobbin

This pickup was dead and required a rewind. Problem is it made with a paper bobbin. It requires somewhat thick paper to be rigid but has to be thin enough to still fit in the assembly. Aster much searching I used one of my business cards which I made more rigid by soaking it in lacquer.

Post repair notes

I got this email from the amazing Vinnie Zummo

Here is a piece I was working on for MTV. For all the guitar trax I used the small Japanese 60's guitar with the pickup U fixed. I thought U might want to hear it in action. I'm playing sloppy and simplistic on purpose by the way. I play what's required! :-) thanx again for the great work. VZ

Here is the attached sound clip

here is Vinnie's latest CD Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America

As I received it, new in box


a look under the hood


You can see the coil around the bar magnet and the paper bobbin


My calling card used for the bobbin top


Bobbin fitted back into the housing


All put back together

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