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1955 Kay Guitar Pickup

This guitar is a 1955 Kay guitar it I picked this one up recently had a dead pickup in the bridge. Here are some pictures of the pickup as it is a rather strange design. The coil is wrapped around the magnet that lays horizontal and is welded to a steel bar with pole pieces and the coil lays on its side. This guitar has a real cool tone and vibe, but the pickups are a little weak. I put a P-90 in the bridge and wow it screams. I plan to build some custom fit pickups—a Filtertron will drop right in...



This is the pickup removed from the guitar 

Slipping off the cover. 

This is the non working pickup as it sits in the base. Notice the bar magnet is to the right of the poles with no wire.  

This is the working pickup with the cover off and the coil removed. The coil is is wrapped around a bar magnet perpendicular to piece of steel with the pole pieces in it.  

Dead pickup in pieces  

Close up of the working pickup the coil is wrapped around the magnet and taped 

Another of the working pickup 

Close up of the dead pickup. 

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