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Humcanceled Lipstick Replacement Pickup
* NEW * Side by side humbucking Lipstick pickup that sounds like a vintage single coil.


Ok now this is totally cool I have added my very popular side by side humcanceling pickup option to the Lipstick! I do not recommend this pickup for the neck position of guitars, but works great int he bridge position, and as a Bass Pickup. This issue is as you bend a string such as the G string and it crosses the center line of the pickup its output level will slightly fade. This is physically not possible on the bass and the bridge position of a guitar. You are welcome to try it in the neck position of a guitar, but just be aware there is a slight fade.
As with my other Lipstick pickups, I wind mine directly on a large vintage correct bar magnet giving you that Great vintage tone. This is a Much harder method and not easily automated. Most other modern lipsticks are wound on a bobbin using a MUCH smaller magnet.

Lipstick pickup humcanceled lipstick pickup
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