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Jazzmaster® / P-180 Replacement Pickup
Totally revolutionize your Jazzmaster with the JM-180, it contains 2 complete JM-90's in a single coil pickup with a coil tap to a single JM-90.
Add a Black, Cream or White cover for $5


Ok this is totally sick! It is my latest ideas for the Jazzmaster the JM-180. I believe this pickup will make you seriously rethink your Jazzmaster making it even more useful as your main axe. It is built on my VERY popular JM-90, but takes this great pickup to a whole new level. Like with my JM-90 this will fit in a standard Jazzmaster pickup route.

Here's the deal...
I can't tell you how many serious Jazzmaster players have told me they NEVER use the upper rhythm, it is just too dark, or it sounds like someone stuffed cotton in your hears... With the help of my pal Andy Rothstein, we came up with a rewire for the upper rhythm circuit converting it into a high gain lead circuit with its own separate volume and tone. So when you slide the switch to the upper circuit you will get the Full JM-180. I came up with the name JM-180 because it is 2 full JM-90's in one, but also it does a complete 180 on the dark rhythm circuit making it a over driven lead circuit, without the need of an overdrive pedal.

Enough with talking about it Here are 2 different sound files switching between the JM-90 and the JM-180. The first part is the JM-90 coil tap on the lower circuit, the second is the full JM-180 on the upper circuit.

High Gain [ Rock Sample ] | [ Jangle Sample ]

If that was to high gain I could wind it less here it is wound half as hot.

Medium Gain [ Rock Sample ] | [ Jangle Sample ]

Andy really knocked this one out of the park by sourcing all the necessary parts to reworking the upper circuit. He has acquired some special very hard to find 500k mini pots with roller knob, the proper caps, the slider switch, vintage correct push back colored wire, and best off all a complete wiring diagram, and instructions to do this all yourself. This kit is an extra $52. If you would rather you can contact him at www.guitar-mod.com, and he would be happy to wire it up for you.

jm-180 pickup
jm-180 pickup
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