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"Curtis seems to have found that elusive magic that only Leo Fender had before him...these pickups each have their own distinct personality without straying from that true vintage vibe."   Read more from our customers...


jmt pickupJMT
Telecaster® Bridge pickup made for the Jazzmaster form factor

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BS-DS (Bisonic/Darkstar/Starfire) Pickup
Bisonic / Darkstar / Starfire pickup made to vintage or your custom specs


I have been very anxious to release this pickup for quite some time. This is a faithful recreation of the Hagstrom Bisonic, Guild Starfire, and Darkstar pickup. I went to great expense and detail to do this one up right. Over the past years, I have had numerous requests to give this pickup the justice it deserves and resurrect it. Out of respect to Fred, I held off for several years to make sure the Darkstar was not coming back before moving in and investing the time and money for which this project required a lot of both. It comes is 2 different string spacing Vintage Bisonic / Starfire spacing of 15.6mm and the wider Fender spacing of 17.4mm. The specs on this vary greatly just let me know what you are wanting to achieve in tone and I can guide you. I also can make them calibrated set to pair with another pickup.

Bisonic / Darkstar /Starfire pickup
Horsing around with color
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