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About Curtis

I have been intrigued by pickups , and restoring vintage guitars since 1983 (see my restoration page). What I enjoy most is working directly with a you to help you find that elusive tone that is all yours, rather than just selling you a canned "off the shelf" pickup that everyone else is playing.

Making custom pickups (and restoring vintage guitars) is a business for me but it has also been a life-long pleasure. I love getting out and hearing my guitars and pickups being played. I feel like in some small way I am helping to put some Peace, Love, and good Karma back in this world. It is a huge hit to get feedback from you saying that my pickups have changed the way you play or given you such great pleasure (check out what you say about the sound my pickups create).

I learn SO much by talking to you, and hearing your frustrations, and desires in your personal Tone Quest. It has helped me come up with new designs, and has evolved my way at thinking about tone. I am always coming up with new ideas in pickup designs, while not forgetting what made certain pickups GREAT. I have recently refined a Charlie Christian style P Bass that creates a VERY FAT tone that over drives well, and produces a very nice work bench As to guitar restorations—actually I am experimenting with a 60's style paisley print finish created from origami paper and a purple metallic paint on a Replitar. Photos soon. It is very cool.

If you have checked out my restoration pages for pickups and guitars, you will see I am up to the challenge of most interesting restoration projects


Email me any time! Call me—(760) 820.4434—to order or to speak to me about what you think you need, or you can reach me at my MySpace page.

The wall in my shop where I hang up guitars to dry (well, it is propped up a little with my guitars for the photo...maybe yours is drying on the rack!).

the wall in my shop where I hang up guitars to dry


Curtis Novak


My passion for pickups and how it grew from a hobby to a life-long obsession and business...

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